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You may of heard the terms NPTC or Lantra when looking for a suitable tree surgeon, but what does it all mean?

NPTC city and guilds and Lantra are awarding bodies that award qualifications that demonstrate if a person is competent and posses the necessary skills to preform tree surgery safely. There are many qualifications which relate to specific tasks within this industry, e.g. if you are looking for insured tree surgeons in Ludlow or Shropshire to fell a tree then it makes sense to use someone who has a felling ticket for the size of tree that needs to be felled. If a person is doing a task which he holds no ticket for and something goes wrong then their insurance will not cover. Below is a list of certification which I personally hold, all my staff hold relevent certification for the job in hand.




201- Maintenance of chainsaw and cutting system.

202- Cross cut and stack timber.

203- Fell and process trees up to 380mm.

206- Access using a rope and harness.

306- Carry out aerial rescue operations.

301- Fell and process trees over 380mm.

307- Carry out aerial pruning.

308- Carry out aerial cutting with a chainsaw using free-fall techniques.


NPCT Level 3. Competence of utility arboriculture.

UA1- Electrical awareness, tree categories & system recognition..


UA2.1 & 2.2- Prune trees (ground and aerial) around electrical services with approved tools and assisted felling. Tree species recognition, growth characteristics  and associated hazards.


UA2.3- Preforming climbing operations near overhead live lines.


UA5.1- Utility arboriculture surveyor- practices.


UA5.2- Utility arboriculture surveyor- priniples.



Certification in use of woodchippers.

Health and Safety.


Manual Handling.

Emergency first aid & first aid at work.



Every reputable comapny will hold tree surgery liability insurance with a worth of up to 5 million pounds as standard. We are insured with 5 million pounds liability and employees liability insurance with a company called Trust insurance a copy of this can me made available on request.

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